PDFRCW 28B.85.070

Surety bondsSecurity in lieu of bondCancellation of bondNoticeClaims.

(1) The council may require any degree-granting institution to have on file with the council an approved surety bond or other security in lieu of a bond in an amount determined by the council.
(2) In lieu of a surety bond, an institution may deposit with the council a cash deposit or other negotiable security acceptable to the council. The security deposited with the council in lieu of the surety bond shall be returned to the institution one year after the institution's authorization has expired or been revoked if legal action has not been instituted against the institution or the security deposit at the expiration of the year. The obligations and remedies relating to surety bonds authorized by this section, including but not limited to the settlement of claims procedure in subsection (5) of this section, shall apply to deposits filed with the council, as applicable.
(3) Each bond shall:
(a) Be executed by the institution as principal and by a corporate surety licensed to do business in the state;
(b) Be payable to the state for the benefit and protection of any student or enrollee of an institution, or, in the case of a minor, his or her parents or guardian;
(c) Be conditioned on compliance with all provisions of this chapter and the council's rules adopted under this chapter;
(d) Require the surety to give written notice to the council at least thirty-five days before cancellation of the bond; and
(e) Remain in effect for one year following the effective date of its cancellation or termination as to any obligation occurring on or before the effective date of cancellation or termination.
(4) Upon receiving notice of a bond cancellation, the council shall notify the institution that the authorization will be suspended on the effective date of the bond cancellation unless the institution files with the council another approved surety bond or other security. The council may suspend or revoke the authorization at an earlier date if it has reason to believe that such action will prevent students from losing their tuition or fees.
(5) If a complaint is filed under RCW 28B.85.090(1) against an institution, the council may file a claim against the surety and settle claims against the surety by following the procedure in this subsection.
(a) The council shall attempt to notify all potential claimants. If the absence of records or other circumstances makes it impossible or unreasonable for the council to ascertain the names and addresses of all the claimants, the council after exerting due diligence and making reasonable inquiry to secure that information from all reasonable and available sources, may make a demand on a bond on the basis of information in the council's possession. The council is not liable or responsible for claims or the handling of claims that may subsequently appear or be discovered.
(b) Thirty days after notification, if a claimant fails, refuses, or neglects to file with the council a verified claim, the council shall be relieved of further duty or action under this chapter on behalf of the claimant.
(c) After reviewing the claims, the council may make demands upon the bond on behalf of those claimants whose claims have been filed. The council may settle or compromise the claims with the surety and may execute and deliver a release and discharge of the bond.
(d) If the surety refuses to pay the demand, the council may bring an action on the bond in behalf of the claimants. If an action is commenced on the bond, the council may require a new bond to be filed.
(e) Within ten days after a recovery on a bond or other posted security has occurred, the institution shall file a new bond or otherwise restore its security on file to the required amount.
(6) The liability of the surety shall not exceed the amount of the bond.
[ 2012 c 229 § 548; 1986 c 136 § 7.]


Effective date2012 c 229 §§ 101, 117, 401, 402, 501 through 594, 601 through 609, 701 through 708, 801 through 821, 902, and 904: See note following RCW 28B.77.005.