PDFRCW 28B.85.090


(1) Complaints may be filed with the council under this chapter by a person claiming loss of tuition or fees as a result of an unfair business practice. The complaint shall set forth the alleged violation and shall contain information required by the council. A complaint may also be filed with the council by an authorized staff member of the council or by the attorney general.
(2) The council shall investigate any complaint under this section and may attempt to bring about a settlement. The council may hold a hearing pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, in order to determine whether a violation has occurred. If the council prevails, the degree-granting institution shall pay the costs of the administrative hearing.
(3) If, after the hearing, the council finds that the institution or its agent engaged in or is engaging in any unfair business practice, the council shall issue and cause to be served upon the violator an order requiring the violator to cease and desist from the act or practice and may impose the penalties under RCW 28B.85.095 and 28B.85.100. If the council finds that the complainant has suffered loss as a result of the act or practice, the council may order full or partial restitution for the loss. The complainant is not bound by the council's determination of restitution and may pursue any other legal remedy.
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