PDFRCW 28B.92.005

Financial aid application due dates and informationNotification.

Community and technical colleges shall provide financial aid application due dates and information on whether or not financial aid will be awarded on a rolling basis to their admitted students at the time of acceptance. State universities, regional universities, and The Evergreen State College shall provide financial aid application due dates and distribution policies on their websites, including whether financial aid is awarded on a rolling basis, for prospective and admitted students.
[ 2015 c 212 § 1; 2014 c 53 § 2.]


Intent2014 c 53: "The legislature recognizes that in recent years not all students eligible for the state need grant program have received an award due to limited funds and unfamiliarity with disbursement policies. Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature to ensure that institutions of higher education clearly disseminate their financial aid policies to admitted and prospective students." [ 2014 c 53 § 1.]