PDFRCW 28B.123.010

Certified public accounting scholarship programEstablishedPurposeAwardsLimitation.

(1) The certified public accounting scholarship program is established.
(2) The purpose of this scholarship program is to increase the number of students pursuing the certified public accounting license in Washington state.
(3) Scholarships shall be awarded to eligible students based on merit and without regard to age, gender, race, creed, religion, ethnic or national origin, or sexual orientation. In the selection process, the foundation is encouraged to consider the level of financial need demonstrated by applicants who otherwise meet merit-based scholarship criteria.
(4) Scholarships shall be awarded every year not to exceed the net balance of the foundation's scholarship award account. 
(5) Scholarships shall be awarded to eligible students for one year. Qualified applicants may reapply in subsequent years.
(6) Scholarships awarded to program participants shall be paid directly to the Washington-based college or university where the program participant is enrolled.
(7) A scholarship award for any program participant shall not exceed the cost of tuition and fees assessed by the college or university on that individual program participant for the academic year of the award.
[ 2015 c 215 § 1.]