PDFRCW 28B.140.010

Scope of authority.

The University of Washington and Washington State University each may:
(1) Acquire, construct, rehabilitate, equip, and operate facilities and equipment to promote basic and applied research in the sciences;
(2) Borrow money for such research purposes, including interest during construction and other incidental costs, issue revenue bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, refinance the same before or at maturity, and provide for the amortization of such indebtedness by pledging all or a component of the fees and revenues of the university available for such purpose derived from the ownership and operation of any of its facilities or conducting research that are not subject to appropriation by the legislature and that do not constitute general state revenues as defined in Article VIII, section 1 of the state Constitution;
(3) Enter into leases, with or without an option to purchase, of real and personal property to be used in basic and applied research in the sciences; and
(4) Lease all or a portion of such facilities and equipment as is deemed prudent by the university to provide for research conducted by persons or entities that are not part of the university but that provide rental income to support university research facilities or provide opportunities for the interaction of public and private research and research personnel, including students and faculty.
[ 2002 c 151 § 2.]