PDFRCW 28B.145.110

Rural jobs programAdministrator dutiesStudent support pathways account.

(1) For the purposes of the rural jobs program, the program administrator shall:
(a) Jointly with the board, solicit and accept donations, grants, and contributions from private sources via direct payment, pledge agreement, or escrow account, for deposit into the student support pathways account created in this section, and set annual fund-raising goals;
(b) Establish and manage the student support pathways account to receive grants, contributions from private sources, and state matching funds, and from which to disburse scholarship funds to selected students; and
(c) Provide proof of receipt of grants and contributions from private sources to the council, identifying the amounts received by the name of the private source and date received, and whether the amounts received were deposited into the student support pathways account.
(2) The student support pathways account, whose principal may be invaded, must be created by the board from which scholarship funds will be disbursed beginning no later than the fall term of the 2020 academic year, if by that date, state matching funds have been received. Thereafter, scholarship funds shall be disbursed on an annual basis.
[ 2018 c 254 § 5.]


FindingsIntent2018 c 254: See note following RCW 28B.145.100.