PDFRCW 29A.08.260

Production, supply, and distribution.

(1) All registration applications required under RCW 29A.08.210 and 29A.08.340 shall be produced and furnished by the secretary of state to the county auditors and the department of licensing.
(2) The county auditor shall distribute forms by which a person may register to vote by mail and update the address for any previous registration in this state. The county auditor shall keep a supply of voter registration forms in the auditor's office at all times for people and organizations interested in assisting in voter registration, and shall make every effort to make these forms generally available to the public. The county auditor shall provide voter registration forms to city and town clerks, state offices, schools, fire stations, public libraries, and any other locations considered appropriate by the auditor or secretary of state for extending registration opportunities to all areas of the county. After the initial distribution of voter registration forms to a given location, a representative designated by the official in charge of that location shall notify the county auditor of the need for additional voter registration supplies.
[ 2023 c 466 s 8; 2013 c 11 s 15; 2009 c 369 s 18; 2004 c 267 s 118; 2003 c 111 s 221. Prior: 1993 c 434 s 4. Formerly RCW 29.08.040.]


Effective dates2004 c 267: See note following RCW 29A.08.010.