PDFRCW 29A.08.362

Automatic registrationHealth benefit exchange.

(1) The health benefit exchange shall provide the following information to the secretary of state's office for consenting Washington healthplanfinder applicants who affirmatively indicate that they are interested in registering to vote, including applicants who file changes of address, who reside in Washington, are age eighteen years or older, and are verified citizens, for voter registration purposes:
(a) Names;
(b) Traditional or nontraditional residential addresses;
(c) Mailing addresses, if different from the traditional or nontraditional residential address; and
(d) Dates of birth.
(2) The health benefit exchange shall consult with the secretary of state's office to ensure that sufficient information is provided to allow the secretary of state to obtain a digital copy of the person's signature when available from the department of licensing and establish other criteria and procedures that are secure and compliant with federal and state voter registration and privacy laws and rules.
(3) If the health benefit exchange determines, in consultation with the health care authority, that implementation of an automatic voter registration system requires approval from the centers for medicare and medicaid services, then any implementation is contingent on receiving that approval.
[ 2023 c 466 § 17; 2018 c 110 § 201.]


Short titleFindingsIntent2018 c 110: See notes following RCW 29A.08.355.