PDFRCW 29A.52.240

Special election to fill unexpired term.

Whenever it is necessary to hold a special election to fill an unexpired term of an elective office of any city, town, or district, the special election must be held in concert with the next general election that is to be held by the respective city, town, or district concerned for the purpose of electing officers to full terms. This section does not apply to any city of the first class whose charter provision relating to elections to fill unexpired terms are inconsistent with this section.
[ 2003 c 111 § 1308; 1972 ex.s. c 61 § 7. Formerly RCW 29.21.410.]


Severability1972 ex.s. c 61: "If any provision of this act, or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act, or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected." [ 1972 ex.s. c 61 § 8.]