PDFRCW 31.04.205

Enforcement of chapterDirector's discretionHearingSanctionsRecovery of costs.

(1) The director or designated persons may, at his or her discretion, take such action as provided for in this chapter to enforce this chapter. If the person subject to such action does not appear in person or by counsel at the time and place designated for any administrative hearing that may be held on the action, then the person is deemed to consent to the action. If the person subject to the action consents, or if after hearing the director finds by a preponderance of the evidence that any grounds for sanctions under this chapter exist, then the director may impose any sanction authorized by this chapter.
(2) The director may recover the state's costs and expenses for prosecuting violations of this chapter including staff time spent preparing for and attending administrative hearings and reasonable attorneys' fees unless, after a hearing, the director determines no violation occurred.
[ 2015 c 229 § 30; 2001 c 81 § 16.]