PDFRCW 31.04.505


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "FHA-approved reverse mortgage" means a "home equity conversion mortgage" or other reverse mortgage product guaranteed or insured by the federal department of housing and urban development.
(2) "Owner-occupied residence" is the borrower's residence and includes a life estate property the legal title for which is held in the name of the borrower in a reverse mortgage transaction or in the name of a trust, provided the occupant of the property is the beneficiary of that trust.
(3) "Proprietary reverse mortgage loan" is any reverse mortgage loan product that is not a home equity conversion mortgage loan or other federally guaranteed or insured loan.
(4) "Reverse mortgage broker or lender" means a licensee under the Washington state consumer loan act, chapter 31.04 RCW, or a person exempt from licensing pursuant to federal law.
(5) "Reverse mortgage loan" means a nonrecourse consumer credit obligation in which:
(a) A mortgage, deed of trust, or equivalent consensual security interest securing one or more advances is created in the borrower's dwelling;
(b) Any principal, interest, or shared appreciation or equity is due and payable, other than in the case of default, only after:
(i) The consumer dies;
(ii) The dwelling is transferred; or
(iii) The consumer ceases to occupy the dwelling as a dwelling; and
(c) The broker or lender is licensed under Washington state law or exempt from licensing under federal law.
[ 2009 c 149 § 1.]