PDFRCW 31.12.025

Use of words in name.

(1) A credit union shall include the words "credit union" in its name.
(2) No person may conduct business or engage in any other activity under a name or title containing the words "credit union", or represent itself as a credit union, unless it is:
(a) A credit union, out-of-state credit union, or a foreign credit union;
(b) An organization whose membership or ownership is limited to credit unions, out-of-state credit unions, federal credit unions, or their trade organizations;
(c) A person that is primarily in the business of managing one or more credit unions, out-of-state credit unions, or federal credit unions; or
(d) A credit union service organization.
[ 1997 c 397 § 4; 1994 c 256 § 70; 1984 c 31 § 4.]


FindingsConstruction1994 c 256: See RCW 43.320.007.