PDFRCW 35.55.140

Local improvement bonds and warrantsSale to pay damages, preliminary financing.

The city council may negotiate sufficient warrants or bonds against any local improvement district at a price not less than ninety-five percent of their par value to raise sufficient money to pay any and all compensation which may be awarded for property damaged or taken in the eminent domain proceedings including the costs of such proceedings. In lieu of so doing, the city council may negotiate current or general expense fund warrants at par to raise funds for the payment of such compensation and expenses in the first instance, but in that event the current or general expense fund shall be reimbursed out of the first moneys collected in any such local assessment district or realized from the negotiation or sale of local improvement warrants or bonds.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.55.140. Prior: 1909 c 147 § 11; RRS § 9442.]