PDFRCW 35.68.010

Authority conferred.

Any city or town, hereinafter referred to as city, is authorized to construct, reconstruct, and repair sidewalks, gutters and curbs along and driveways across sidewalks, which work is hereafter referred to as the improvement, and to pay the costs thereof from any available funds, or to require the abutting property owner to construct the improvement at the owner's own cost or expense, or, subject to the limitations in RCW 35.69.020 (2) and (3), to assess all or any portion of the costs thereof against the abutting property owner.
[ 1996 c 19 s 1; 1965 c 7 s 35.68.010. Prior: 1949 c 177 s 1; Rem. Supp. 1949 s 9332a.]