PDFRCW 35.71.070

Waivers and quitclaim deedsRights in right-of-way.

The corporate authority may formulate, solicit, finance and acquire, purchase, or negotiate the acquisition of waivers and the execution of quitclaim deeds by persons owning or having any legal or equitable interest in the real property affected by the establishment of a mall, conveying the necessary rights to the city to prohibit through vehicular traffic and otherwise limit vehicular access to, and from, such right-of-way: PROVIDED, That the execution of such waivers and quitclaim deeds shall not operate to extinguish the rights of the abutting owner, lessor, or lessee in the right-of-way, not included in such waiver or quitclaim deed.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.71.070. Prior: 1961 c 111 § 7.]