PDFRCW 35.73.010

AuthorityFirst and second-class cities.

If a city of the first or second class establishes the grade of any street or alley at a higher elevation than any private property abutting thereon, thereby rendering the drainage of such private property or any part thereof impracticable without the raising of the surface of such private property, or if the surface of any private property in any such city is so low as to make sanitary drainage thereof impracticable and it is determined by resolution of the city council of such city that a fill of such private property is necessary as a sanitary measure, the city may provide therefor, and by general or special ordinance or both make provision for the necessary surveys, estimates, bids, contract, bond and supervision of the work and for making and approving the assessment roll of the local improvement district and for the collection of the assessments made thereby, and for the doing of everything which in their discretion may be necessary or be incidental thereto: PROVIDED, That before the approval of the assessment roll, notice shall be given and an opportunity offered for the owners of the property affected by the assessment roll to be heard before such city council in the same manner as in case of assessments for drainage or sewerage in the city.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.73.010. Prior: (i) 1907 c 243 § 1; RRS § 9426. (ii) 1907 c 243 § 4; RRS § 9429.]