PDFRCW 35.77.020

Agreements with county for planning, establishment, construction, and maintenance.

Any city or town may enter into an agreement with the county in which it is located authorizing the county to perform all or any part of the construction, repair, and maintenance of streets in such city or town at such cost as shall be mutually agreed upon. The agreement shall be approved by ordinance of the governing body of the city or town and by resolution of the board of county commissioners.
Any such agreement may include, but shall not be limited to the following:
(1) A provision that the county shall perform all or a specified part of the construction, repair, or maintenance of the city or town streets and bridges to the same standards provided by the county in unincorporated areas, or to increased standards as shall be specified which may include construction, repair, or maintenance of drainage facilities including storm sewers, sidewalks and curbings, street lighting, and traffic control devices.
(2) A provision that the county may provide engineering and administrative services necessary for the planning, establishment, construction, and maintenance of the streets of the city or town, including engineering and clerical services necessary for the establishment of local improvement districts. In providing such services the county engineer may exercise all the powers and perform all the duties vested by law or by ordinance in the city or town engineer or other officer or department charged with street administration.
(3) A provision that the city or town shall enact ordinances for the administration, establishment, construction, repair, maintenance, regulation, and protection of its streets as may be necessary to authorize the county to lawfully carry out the terms of the agreement.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.77.020. Prior: 1961 c 245 § 1.]