PDFRCW 35.89.080

Payment of principal of bonds.

Whenever there is sufficient money in the water redemption fund, over and above the amount that will be required to pay the interest on the bonds up to the time of maturity of the next interest payment, to pay the principal of one or more bonds, the city or town treasurer shall call in and pay such bonds. The bonds shall be called and paid in their numerical order, and the call shall be made by publication in the official newspaper of the city or town. The call shall state the total amount and the serial number or numbers of the bonds called and that they will be paid on the date when the next semiannual payment of interest will be due, and that interest on the bonds called will cease from such date.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.89.080. Prior: 1923 c 52 § 7; RRS § 9154-7.]