PDFRCW 35.101.058

Lodging chargeAdditional chargeProgram review.

Each tourism promotion area must conduct a program review of the additional tourism promotion area charge established in RCW 35.101.057. The review must be completed and submitted to the appropriate committees of the legislature by January 1, 2026. The review must:
(1) Analyze how tourism promotion area charge funds were used during the period when the additional charge was imposed;
(2) Identify additional marketing and promotional measures conducted or purchased with additional funds beyond the current two dollar charge;
(3) Assess whether additional tourism promotion area charges above two dollars contributed to an actual increase in the number of tourists, as defined in RCW 35.101.010; and
(4) Assess the average additional cost per visit per tourist due to additional tourism promotion area charges above two dollars.
[ 2020 c 215 § 4.]