PDFRCW 35.101.080

Establishment of areaOrdinance.

Only after an initiation petition has been presented to the legislative authority under RCW 35.101.020 and only after the legislative authority has conducted a hearing under RCW 35.101.030, may the legislative authority adopt an ordinance to establish an area. If the legislative authority adopts an ordinance to establish an area, the ordinance shall contain the following information:
(1) The number, date, and title of the resolution of intention pursuant to which it was adopted;
(2) The time and place the hearing was held concerning the formation of the area;
(3) The description of the boundaries of the area;
(4) The initial or additional rate of charges to be imposed with a breakdown by classification, if such classification is used;
(5) A statement that an area has been established; and
(6) The uses to which the charge revenue shall be put. Uses shall conform to the uses declared in the initiation petition under RCW 35.101.020.
[ 2003 c 148 s 8.]