PDFRCW 35.107.070

Commercial office development public improvement fundExpenditures.

(1) The city may only make expenditures from the commercial office development public improvement fund that:
(a) Are to construct the public improvement that was identified in the approved application, requesting the property tax reinvestment submitted under RCW 35.107.040 and approved under RCW 35.107.050;
(b) Transfer funding to the project applicant to construct the public improvement and transfer ownership of the public improvement to a public agency; and
(c) Meet any additional criteria established in an ordinance adopted under RCW 35.107.030.
(2) The city and the project applicant must enter into a written agreement outlining the specifics of the public improvement, associated public improvement costs, responsible parties, and any other information required by the city.
[ 2019 c 273 § 8.]