PDFRCW 35A.66.020

Liquors, local option on sale ofEnforcement of state laws, sharing proceeds of liquor profits and excise tax.

The qualified electors of any code city may petition for an election upon the question of whether the sale of liquor shall be permitted within the boundaries of such city as provided by chapter 66.40 RCW, and shall be governed by the procedure therein: PROVIDED, That every code city shall enforce state laws relating to the investigation and prosecution of all violations of Title 66 RCW relating to control of alcoholic beverages and shall be entitled to retain the fines collected therefrom as therein provided. Every code city shall also share in the allocation and distribution of liquor profits and excise as provided in RCW 82.08.170, 66.08.190, and 66.08.210, and make reports of seizure as required by RCW 66.32.090, and otherwise regulate by ordinances not in conflict with state law or liquor and cannabis board regulations.
[ 2023 c 102 § 35; 1967 ex.s. c 119 § 35A.66.020.]


State liquor and cannabis board: Chapter 66.08 RCW.