PDFRCW 36.04.180

Kitsap county.

Kitsap county shall consist of the territory bounded as follows, to wit: Commencing in the middle of Colvo's Passage at a point due east of the meander post between sections nine and sixteen, on west side of Colvo's Passage, in township twenty-two north, range two east; thence west on the north boundary line of sections sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, to the head of Case's Inlet; thence north along the east boundary of Mason county through the center of townships twenty-two and twenty-three, range one west, to the north line of said township twenty-three; thence due west to the middle of the channel of Hood Canal; thence along said channel to the middle of the main channel of Admiralty Inlet; thence following the main channels of said inlet and Puget Sound up to the middle of Colvo's Passage; thence following the channel of said passage to the place of beginning.
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