Chapter 36.21 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.21.011Appointment of deputies and assistantsEngaging expert appraisersEmployment and classification plans for appraisers.
HTMLPDF 36.21.015Qualifications for persons assessing real propertyExaminationExamination waiverContinuing education requirement.
HTMLPDF 36.21.070New construction building permitsAppraisal of building.
HTMLPDF 36.21.080New construction building permitsWhen property placed on assessment rolls.
HTMLPDF 36.21.090Initial placement of mobile home on assessment roll.
HTMLPDF 36.21.100Annual report to department of revenue on property tax levies and related matters.
HTMLPDF 36.21.110Property tax exemption and deferral programsNotice.


Assessor's plats: Chapter 58.18 RCW.
Duties relating to
cemetery district organization: Chapter 68.52 RCW.
drainage district revenue act: Chapter 85.32 RCW.
drainage districts: Chapter 85.06 RCW.
fire protection district, resolution creating: RCW 52.02.150.
flood control districts: Chapter 86.09 RCW.
forest insect and disease control: Chapter 76.06 RCW.
forest rehabilitation: Chapter 76.14 RCW.
irrigation districts
dissolution of districts with bonds: Chapter 87.53 RCW.
dissolution of insolvent districts: Chapter 87.56 RCW.
generally: Chapter 87.03 RCW.
joint control of: RCW 87.80.090.
metropolitan municipal corporation: Chapter 35.58 RCW.
mosquito control districts: Chapter 17.28 RCW.
pest districts: Chapter 17.12 RCW.
reforestation: RCW 79.22.010.
school district organization: Chapter 28A.315 RCW.
school districts, appeals from boundary changes, decisions: RCW 28A.645.040.
section and corner lines, establishment of: Chapter 58.04 RCW.
taxes, property
certification of on operating property of private car companies: RCW 84.16.130.
certification of on operating property of public utilities: RCW 84.12.370.
collection of: Chapter 84.56 RCW.
equalization of assessments: Chapter 84.48 RCW.
exemptions: Chapter 84.36 RCW.
levy of: Chapter 84.52 RCW.
lien on: Chapter 84.60 RCW.
listing of: Chapter 84.40 RCW.
nonoperating property of private car companies: RCW 84.16.140.
nonoperating property of public utilities: RCW 84.12.380.
revaluation: Chapter 84.41 RCW.
taxable situs: Chapter 84.44 RCW.
weed district assessments: Chapter 17.04 RCW.
Lands lying in both a fire protection district and forest protection assessment area, assessment by: RCW 52.16.170.
Mobile home or park model trailer movement permits: RCW 46.44.173.
Property tax advisor: RCW 84.48.140.
Public lands, harbor areas, re-lease of, rental based on assessor's valuation: RCW 79.115.120.
Revenue, department of, to test work of, advise: RCW 84.08.020, 84.08.030, 84.08.190.
Taxes, property, penalty for nonperformance of duty: RCW 84.09.040.
Taxes for city and town purposes: State Constitution Art. 11 § 12.
Transfer of ownership of manufactured home, county assessor notified: RCW 46.12.700(5).
Washington Clean Air Act, assessors' duties under: RCW 70A.15.1620.