Chapter 36.53 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.53.010Grant of licenseTerm.
HTMLPDF 36.53.020Licensing tax.
HTMLPDF 36.53.030To whom license grantedNotice of intention if nonowner.
HTMLPDF 36.53.040Notice of application to be posted.
HTMLPDF 36.53.050Bond of licensee.
HTMLPDF 36.53.060Duties of licensee.
HTMLPDF 36.53.070Duties of licenseeDuties as to ferriageLiability for nonperformance.
HTMLPDF 36.53.080Rates of ferriage.
HTMLPDF 36.53.090Commissioners may fix and alter rates.
HTMLPDF 36.53.100Rates to be posted.
HTMLPDF 36.53.110Order of ferriageLiability for nonperformance.
HTMLPDF 36.53.120Grant exclusive.
HTMLPDF 36.53.130Revocation of license.
HTMLPDF 36.53.140Penalty for maintaining unlicensed ferry.
HTMLPDF 36.53.150Interstate ferryCounty may contribute toGrant of permit to operator.