PDFRCW 36.53.080

Rates of ferriage.

Whenever the board of county commissioners grants a license to keep a ferry across any lake or stream, it shall establish the rates of ferriage which may be lawfully demanded for the transportation of persons and property across the same, having due regard for the breadth and situation of the stream, and the dangers and difficulties incident thereto, and the publicity of the place at which the same is established, and every keeper of a ferry who at any time demands and receives more than the amount so designated for ferrying shall forfeit and pay to the party aggrieved, for every such offense, the sum of five dollars, over and above the amount which has been illegally received, to be recovered before any district judge having jurisdiction.
[ 1987 c 202 s 208; 1963 c 4 s 36.53.080. Prior: Code 1881 s 3009; 1879 p 63 s 45; 1869 p 282 s 47; 1863 p 523 s 8; 1854 p 355 s 8; RRS s 5469.]


Intent1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.