PDFRCW 36.53.130

Revocation of license.

If any person licensed to keep a ferry fails to pay the taxes assessed thereon when due, or to provide and keep in good and complete repair the necessary boat or boats, with the oars, setting poles, and other necessary implements for the service thereof, or to employ a sufficient number of skilled and discreet ferry workers within three months from the time license is granted, or if the ferry is not at any time kept in good condition and repair, or if it is abandoned, disused, or unfrequented for the space of six months at any one time, the board of county commissioners, on complaint being made in writing, may summon the person licensed to keep such ferry, to show cause why his or her license should not be revoked. The board may revoke or not according to the testimony adduced and the laws of this state, the decision subject to review by the superior court: PROVIDED, That if disuse resulted because the stream is fordable at certain seasons of the year, or because travel by that route is subject to periodical fluctuations, it shall not work a forfeiture within the meaning of this section.
[ 2009 c 549 s 4091; 1963 c 4 s 36.53.130. Prior: Code 1881 s 3014; 1879 p 64 s 50; 1869 p 283 s 52; 1863 p 524 s 12; 1854 p 356 s 12; RRS s 5474.]