PDFRCW 36.67.520

When issuedAmountsPurposesCosts and expenses.

All such revenue bonds authorized under the terms of this chapter may be issued and sold by the counties from time to time and in such amounts as is deemed necessary by the legislative authority of each county to provide sufficient funds for the carrying out of all county powers, without limiting the generality thereof, including the following: Acquisition; construction; reconstruction; maintenance; repair; additions; operations of parks and recreations; flood control facilities; pollution facilities; parking facilities as a part of a courthouse or combined county-city building facility; and any other county purpose from which revenues can be derived. Included in the costs thereof shall be any necessary engineering, inspection, accounting, fiscal, and legal expenses, the cost of issuance of bonds, including printing, engraving, and advertising and other similar expenses, payment of interest on such bonds during the construction of such facilities and a period no greater than one year after such construction is completed, and the proceeds of such bond issue are hereby made available for all such purposes. Revenue bonds may also be issued to refund revenue bonds or general obligation bonds which are issued for any of the purposes specified in this section.
[ 1981 c 313 s 12; 1969 ex.s. c 8 s 2; 1965 c 142 s 2.]


Severability1981 c 313: See note following RCW 36.94.020.
Parking facilities as part of courthouse or county-city building: RCW 36.01.080.