PDFRCW 36.70.330

Comprehensive planRequired elements.

The comprehensive plan shall consist of a map or maps, and descriptive text covering objectives, principles and standards used to develop it, and shall include each of the following elements:
(1) A land use element which designates the proposed general distribution and general location and extent of the uses of land for agriculture, housing, commerce, industry, recreation, education, public buildings and lands, and other categories of public and private use of land, including a statement of the standards of population density and building intensity recommended for the various areas in the jurisdiction and estimates of future population growth in the area covered by the comprehensive plan, all correlated with the land use element of the comprehensive plan. The land use element shall also provide for protection of the quality and quantity of groundwater used for public water supplies and shall review drainage, flooding, and stormwater runoff in the area and nearby jurisdictions and provide guidance for corrective actions to mitigate or cleanse those discharges that pollute Puget Sound or waters entering Puget Sound. Development regulations to implement comprehensive plans under this chapter that are newly developed, updated, or amended after January 1, 2025, must allow for the siting of organic materials management facilities in the areas identified in RCW 70A.205.040(3)(a)(i) to the extent necessary to provide for the establishment of the organic materials management volumetric capacity identified under RCW 70A.205.040(3)(a)(ii);
(2) A circulation element consisting of the general location, alignment and extent of major thoroughfares, major transportation routes, trunk utility lines, and major terminal facilities, all of which shall be correlated with the land use element of the comprehensive plan;
(3) Any supporting maps, diagrams, charts, descriptive material and reports necessary to explain and supplement the above elements.
[ 2022 c 180 § 601; 1985 c 126 § 3; 1984 c 253 § 3; 1963 c 4 § 36.70.330. Prior: 1959 c 201 § 33.]


FindingsIntentScope of authority of chapter 180, Laws of 20222022 c 180: See notes following RCW 70A.205.007.