PDFRCW 36.70.350

Comprehensive planOptional elements.

A comprehensive plan may include
(1) a conservation element for the conservation, development and utilization of natural resources, including water and its hydraulic force, forests, water sheds, soils, rivers and other waters, harbors, fisheries, wild life, minerals and other natural resources,
(2) a solar energy element for encouragement and protection of access to direct sunlight for solar energy systems,
(3) a recreation element showing a comprehensive system of areas and public sites for recreation, natural reservations, parks, parkways, beaches, playgrounds and other recreational areas, including their locations and proposed development,
(4) a transportation element showing a comprehensive system of transportation, including general locations of rights-of-way, terminals, viaducts and grade separations. This element of the plan may also include port, harbor, aviation and related facilities,
(5) a transit element as a special phase of transportation, showing proposed systems of rail transit lines, including rapid transit in any form, and related facilities,
(6) a public services and facilities element showing general plans for sewerage, refuse disposal, drainage and local utilities, and rights-of-way, easements and facilities for such services,
(7) a public buildings element, showing general locations, design and arrangements of civic and community centers, and showing locations of public schools, libraries, police and fire stations and all other public buildings,
(8) a housing element, consisting of surveys and reports upon housing conditions and needs as a means of establishing housing standards to be used as a guide in dealings with official controls related to land subdivision, zoning, traffic, and other related matters,
(9) a renewal and/or redevelopment element comprising surveys, locations, and reports for the elimination of slums and other blighted areas and for community renewal and/or redevelopment, including housing sites, business and industrial sites, public building sites and for other purposes authorized by law,
(10) a plan for financing a capital improvement program,
(11) as a part of a comprehensive plan the commission may prepare, receive and approve additional elements and studies dealing with other subjects which, in its judgment, relate to the physical development of the county.
[ 1979 ex.s. c 170 § 10; 1963 c 4 § 36.70.350. Prior: 1959 c 201 § 35.]


Severability1979 ex.s. c 170: See note following RCW 64.04.140.
"Solar energy system" defined: RCW 36.70.025.