Chapter 36.81 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.81.010Resolution of intention and necessity.
HTMLPDF 36.81.020Freeholders' petitionBond.
HTMLPDF 36.81.030Deeds and waivers.
HTMLPDF 36.81.040Action on petition.
HTMLPDF 36.81.050Engineer's report.
HTMLPDF 36.81.060Survey map, field notes and profiles.
HTMLPDF 36.81.070Notice of hearing on report.
HTMLPDF 36.81.080HearingRoad established by resolution.
HTMLPDF 36.81.090Expense of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 36.81.100County road on or over dikes.
HTMLPDF 36.81.110County road on or over dikesCondemnation for dike roads.
HTMLPDF 36.81.121Perpetual advanced six-year plans for coordinated transportation program, expendituresNonmotorized transportationRailroad right-of-way.
HTMLPDF 36.81.122Provisions for bicycle paths, lanes, routes, roadways and improvements to be included in annual revision or extension of comprehensive road programsException.
HTMLPDF 36.81.130Procedure specified for establishment, construction, and maintenance.
HTMLPDF 36.81.140Columbia Basin project road systemsEstablishment by plat.


Alternate date for budget hearing: RCW 36.40.071.
Bicycles; pavement marking standards: RCW 47.36.280.
State highways in urban areas, allocation of funds, planning, bond issue, etc.: Chapter 47.26 RCW.
Urban arterials, planning, construction by cities and towns, transportation improvement board, funds, bond issue, etc.: Chapter 47.26 RCW.