PDFRCW 36.81.050

Engineer's report.

Whenever directed by the board to report upon the establishment of a county road the engineer shall make an examination of the road and if necessary a survey thereof. After examination, if the engineer deems the road to be impracticable, he or she shall so report to the board without making any survey, or he or she may examine or examine and survey any other practicable route which would serve such purpose. Whenever he or she considers any road as proposed or modified as practicable, he or she shall report thereon in writing to the board giving his or her opinion: (1) As to the necessity of the road; (2) as to the proper terminal points, general course and length thereof; (3) as to the proper width of right-of-way therefor; (4) as to the estimated cost of construction, including all necessary bridges, culverts, clearing, grubbing, drainage, and grading; (5) and such other facts as he or she may deem of importance to be considered by the board.
[ 2009 c 549 s 4136; 1963 c 4 s 36.81.050. Prior: 1937 c 187 s 21, part; RRS s 6450-21, part.]