Chapter 36.88 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.88.010Districts authorizedPurposes.
HTMLPDF 36.88.015Additional purposes.
HTMLPDF 36.88.020Formation of districtHow initiated.
HTMLPDF 36.88.030Formation of districtBy resolution of intentionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 36.88.035Notice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
HTMLPDF 36.88.040Formation of districtBy resolution of intentionElectionRules.
HTMLPDF 36.88.050Formation of districtBy petitionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 36.88.060Formation of districtHearingResolution creating district.
HTMLPDF 36.88.062Formation of districtCommittee or hearing officer may conduct hearingsReport to legislative authority.
HTMLPDF 36.88.065Formation of districtAlternative method.
HTMLPDF 36.88.070Diagram only preliminary determination.
HTMLPDF 36.88.072Waivers of protestRecordingLimits on enforceability.
HTMLPDF 36.88.074Preformation expenditures.
HTMLPDF 36.88.076Credits for other assessments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.078Assessment reimbursement accounts.
HTMLPDF 36.88.080Property included in districtMethod of assessmentAssessment limited by benefit.
HTMLPDF 36.88.085Exemption of farm and agricultural land from special benefit assessments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.090Assessment rollHearingNoticeObjectionsNew hearing.
HTMLPDF 36.88.095Assessment rollCommittee or officer may conduct hearingRecommendations to legislative authorityAppeals.
HTMLPDF 36.88.100AppealReassessment.
HTMLPDF 36.88.110Assessment rollConclusive.
HTMLPDF 36.88.120Assessment is lien on propertySuperiority.
HTMLPDF 36.88.130County treasurerDuties.
HTMLPDF 36.88.140Payment of assessmentDelinquent assessmentsPenaltiesLien foreclosure.
HTMLPDF 36.88.145Property donationsCredit against assessments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.150Payment of assessmentRecord of.
HTMLPDF 36.88.160District fundPurposesBond redemptions.
HTMLPDF 36.88.170Foreclosed propertyHeld in trust for district.
HTMLPDF 36.88.180Foreclosed propertySale or leaseDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 36.88.190Improvement bonds, warrants authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.88.200Improvement bondsForm, contents, execution.
HTMLPDF 36.88.210Improvement bondsIssuanceSaleDeposit of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 36.88.220Improvement bondsGuaranty fund.
HTMLPDF 36.88.230Improvement bondsGuaranty fund in certain countiesOperation.
HTMLPDF 36.88.235Improvement bondsGuaranty fund assets may be transferred to county general fundWhen.
HTMLPDF 36.88.240Improvement bondsRepayment restricted to special fundsRemedies of bond ownerNotice of restrictions.
HTMLPDF 36.88.250Improvement bondsRemedies of bond ownersEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 36.88.260Assessment where bonds issuedPayment in installments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.270Assessment where bonds issuedPayment in cashNotice of assessment.
HTMLPDF 36.88.280Assessment where bonds issuedPayment in cash during installment periodDuties of county treasurerUse of funds.
HTMLPDF 36.88.290Limitation of actions.
HTMLPDF 36.88.295Refunding bondsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 36.88.300District costs and expensesWhat to include.
HTMLPDF 36.88.305District costs and expensesCredit or reduction of assessments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.310Acquisition of propertyEminent domain.
HTMLPDF 36.88.320Construction or improvementSupervisionContractsStandards.
HTMLPDF 36.88.330WarrantsIssuancePriorityAcceptance.
HTMLPDF 36.88.340Participation of county road fundArrangements with other public agencies, private utilities.
HTMLPDF 36.88.350MaintenanceExpense.
HTMLPDF 36.88.360State, county, school, municipal corporation landsAssessmentRecipients of notices, ballots.
HTMLPDF 36.88.370Signatures on petitions, ballots, objectionsDetermining sufficiency.
HTMLPDF 36.88.375Consolidated road improvement districtsEstablishmentBonds.
HTMLPDF 36.88.380Safeguarding open canals or ditchesAssessments and benefits.
HTMLPDF 36.88.390Safeguarding open canals or ditchesAuthority.
HTMLPDF 36.88.400Safeguarding open canals or ditchesInstallation and constructionCosts.
HTMLPDF 36.88.410Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toDeclaration of public interest and purpose.
HTMLPDF 36.88.420Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 36.88.430Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toPowers of county relating toContractsCounty road improvement districtsSpecial assessments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.440Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toContracts with electric and communication utilitiesAuthorizedProvisions.
HTMLPDF 36.88.450Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toNotice to owners to convert service lines to undergroundObjectionsHearingTime limitation for conversion.
HTMLPDF 36.88.460Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toUtility conversion guaranty fundEstablishment authorizedPurposeDepositsInvestments.
HTMLPDF 36.88.470Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toUtility conversion guaranty fundOperation.
HTMLPDF 36.88.480Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toApplicability of general provisions relating to county road improvement districts.
HTMLPDF 36.88.485Underground electric and communication facilities, installation or conversion toRecording of underground utility installations.
HTMLPDF 36.88.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Local improvements, supplemental authority: Chapter 35.51 RCW.