PDFRCW 36.88.074

Preformation expenditures.

The county engineer or other designated official may contract with owners of real property to provide for payment by the owners of the cost of the preparation of engineering plans, surveys, studies, appraisals, legal services, and other expenses associated with improvements to be financed in whole or in part by a local improvement district (not including the cost of actual construction of such improvements), that the owners elect to undertake. The contract may provide for reimbursement to the owner of such costs from the proceeds of bonds issued by the district after formation of a district under this chapter, from assessments paid to the district as appropriate, or by a credit in the amount of such costs against future assessments assessed against such property. Such reimbursement shall be made to the owner of the property at the time of reimbursement. The contract shall also provide that such costs shall not be reimbursed to the owner if a district to construct the specified improvements (as the project may be amended) is not formed within six years of the date of the contract. The contract shall provide that any preformation work shall be conducted only under the direction of the county engineer or other appropriate county authority.
[ 1988 c 179 s 13.]


SeverabilityProspective applicationSection captions1988 c 179: See RCW 39.92.900 and 39.92.901.