PDFRCW 36.88.270

Assessment where bonds issuedPayment in cashNotice of assessment.

The owner of any lot, tract, or parcel of land, or other property charged with any such assessments may redeem the same from all or any portion of the liability for the cost and expense of such improvement by paying the entire assessment or any portion thereof charged against such lot, tract, or parcel of land without interest within thirty days after notice to him or her of such assessment, which notice shall be given as follows: The county treasurer shall, as soon as the assessment roll has been placed in his or her hands for collection, publish a notice for two consecutive daily or weekly issues in the official newspaper of the county in which the district is located, which notice shall state that the assessment roll is in his or her hands for collection and that any assessment thereon or any portion of such assessment may be paid at any time within thirty days from the date of the first publication of said notice without penalty interest or costs.
[ 2009 c 549 s 4145; 1963 c 4 s 36.88.270. Prior: 1951 c 192 s 27.]