PDFRCW 36.102.160

Public stadium authorityDefense of suit, claim, or proceeding against officer or employeeCostsAttorneys' feesObligationException.

Whenever an action, claim, or proceeding is instituted against a person who is or was an officer or employee of the public stadium authority arising out of the performance of duties for or employment with the authority, the public stadium authority may grant a request by the person that the attorney of the authority's choosing be authorized to defend the claim, suit, or proceeding, and the costs of defense, attorneys' fees, and obligation for payments arising from the action may be paid from the authority's funds. Costs of defense or judgment or settlement against the person shall not be paid in a case where the court has found that the person was not acting in good faith or within the scope of employment with or duties for the public stadium authority.
[ 1997 c 220 s 115 (Referendum Bill No. 48, approved June 17, 1997).]