PDFRCW 36.110.110

Deductions from offenders' earnings.

When an offender is employed in a jail industries program for which pay is allowed, deductions may be made from these earnings for court-ordered legal financial obligations as directed by the court in reasonable amounts that do not unduly discourage the incentive to work. These deductions shall be disbursed as directed in RCW 9.94A.760.
In addition, inmates working in jail industries programs shall contribute toward costs to develop, implement, and operate jail industries programs. This amount shall be a reasonable amount that does not unduly discourage the incentive to work. The amount so deducted shall be deposited in the jail industries special revenue fund.
Upon request of the offender, family support may also be deducted and disbursed to a designated family member.
[ 1993 c 285 § 11.]