PDFRCW 38.44.030


Whenever an enrollment shall have been ordered under this chapter, the commanding officers of existing organizations of militia, and the chiefs of all police and fire departments shall make and deliver to the enrolling officer of the county in which such organization and departments are stationed, verified lists in triplicate of the members of their respective commands and departments, and the enrolling officer shall mark "Exempt" opposite the names of all persons so listed, attaching one copy of each such list to each copy of the enrollment. The enrolling officer shall also mark "Exempt" opposite the names of all federal, state and county officers. All other persons claiming exemption must within fifteen days after service upon them of the notice of enrollment make a written verified claim in duplicate of such exemption and file the same in the office of the county auditor, who shall within five days thereafter forward one copy thereof with remarks and recommendations to the adjutant general. Upon the expiration of the time within which any claim of exemption may be filed and received by the adjutant general, the latter shall notify the county auditor of the decision in each case where exemption has been claimed, and the county auditor shall write upon the roll opposite the name of each person whose claim of exemption has been allowed by the adjutant general, the word "Exempt." All those on the roll not marked "Exempt" shall be subject to military duty.
[ 1991 c 43 s 11; 1989 c 19 s 57; 1909 c 134 s 6; 1895 c 108 s 6, part; RRS s 8458.]