PDFRCW 38.44.060

Examination of records.

All civil officers in each county, city and town shall allow persons authorized under this chapter to make enrollments, at all proper times, to examine their records and take copies thereof or information therefrom. It shall be the duty of every person, under the penalties provided in RCW 38.44.040, upon application of any person legally authorized to make an enrollment, truthfully to state all of the facts within his or her knowledge concerning any individual of whom the enroller shall make inquiry. In event of a violation of this section the enroller shall report the facts to the prosecuting attorney, who shall at once proceed to enforce the penalty.
[ 1991 c 43 s 14; 1989 c 19 s 60; 1909 c 134 s 9; 1895 c 108 s 6, part; RRS s 8461.]