PDFRCW 39.12.050

False statement, failure to file, or failure to post document required to be postedPenaltyUnpaid wages lien against bond and retainageProhibitions on bidding on future contractsHearingException.

(1) Any contractor or subcontractor who files a false statement or fails to file any statement or record required to be filed or fails to post a document required to be posted under this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter, shall, after a determination to that effect has been issued by the director after hearing under chapter 34.05 RCW, forfeit as a civil penalty the sum of $500 for each false filing or failure to file or post, and shall not be permitted to bid, or have a bid considered, on any public works contract until the penalty has been paid in full to the director. The civil penalty under this subsection does not apply to a violation determined by the director to be an inadvertent filing or reporting error. The burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that an error is inadvertent rests with the contractor or subcontractor charged with the error. Civil penalties shall be deposited in the public works administration account.
To the extent that a contractor or subcontractor has not paid wages at the rate due pursuant to RCW 39.12.020, and a finding to that effect has been made as provided by this subsection, such unpaid wages constitute a lien against the bonds and retainage as provided in RCW 18.27.040, 18.106.410, 19.28.041, 39.08.010, and 60.28.011.
(2) If a contractor or subcontractor is found to have violated the provisions of subsection (1) of this section for a second time within a five year period, the contractor or subcontractor is subject to the sanctions prescribed in subsection (1) of this section and shall not be allowed to bid on any public works contract for one year. The one year period runs from the date of notice by the director of the determination of noncompliance. When an appeal is taken from the director's determination, the one year period commences from the date the notice of violation becomes final.
The director shall issue his or her findings that a contractor or subcontractor has violated the provisions of this subsection after a hearing held subject to the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW, unless a notice of violation is not timely appealed. A notice of violation not timely appealed is final and binding, and not subject to further appeal.
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Effective dateFindings2019 c 242: See notes following RCW 39.12.010.
Severability1985 c 15: See note following RCW 39.12.065.