PDFRCW 39.26.210

List of agency contractsContract audits.

(1) Agencies must annually submit to the department a list of all contracts that the agency has entered into or renewed. "Contracts," for the purposes of this section, does not include purchase orders. The department must maintain a publicly available list of all contracts entered into by agencies during each fiscal year, except that contracts for the employment of expert witnesses for the purposes of litigation shall not be made publicly available to the extent that information is exempt from disclosure under state law. Except as otherwise exempt, the data must identify the contracting agency, the contractor, the purpose of the contract, effective dates and periods of performance, the cost of the contract and funding source, any substantive modifications to the contract, and whether the contract was competitively procured or awarded on a sole source basis.
(2) The department may conduct audits of its master contracts and convenience contracts to ensure that the contractor is in compliance with the contract terms and conditions, including but not limited to providing only the goods and services specified in the contract at the contract price.
[ 2012 c 224 § 23.]