PDFRCW 39.42.050

Anticipation notesIssued, whenPayment of principal and interest.

When the state finance committee has decided to issue such bonds or a portion thereof, it may, pending the issuing of such bonds, issue, in the name of the state, temporary notes in anticipation of the money to be derived from the sale of such bonds, which notes shall be designated as "anticipation notes". If, prior to the issuance of the bonds, it becomes necessary to redeem outstanding notes, additional bond anticipation notes may be issued to redeem the outstanding notes. Such portion of the proceeds of the sale of such bonds as may be required for such purpose shall be applied to the payment of the principal of such anticipation notes which have been issued. The interest on anticipation notes shall be paid from the revenue source and with the same priority of payment specified in the respective bond acts for payment of principal of and interest on the bonds against which anticipation notes are sold. The procedure for paying the interest on the notes, including the transfer of necessary funds for that purpose, shall be the same as prescribed for the bonds.
If the bonds shall constitute general obligations of the state and pledge the full faith and credit of the state to the payment thereof, then the notes issued in anticipation thereof shall state that they are a general obligation of the state of Washington, shall pledge the full faith and credit of the state to the payment of the principal thereof and the interest thereon, and shall contain an unconditional promise to pay the principal and interest as the same shall become due. The owner and holder of any of the notes or the trustee for the owner and holder of any of the notes may, by a mandamus or other appropriate proceeding, require the transfer and payment of funds as directed in this section.
[ 1981 c 29 § 1; 1971 ex.s. c 184 § 5.]


Application1981 c 29: "This act shall apply to all outstanding bond anticipation notes of the state, and interest on the notes shall be paid as provided in RCW 39.42.050: PROVIDED, That in the event such interest is not paid as provided in RCW 39.42.050 it shall be paid from such source or sources as are specified in such notes." [ 1981 c 29 § 2.]