PDFRCW 39.84.160

Proceedings in the event of default.

The proceedings authorizing any revenue bonds under this chapter or any financing document securing the revenue bonds may provide that if there is a default in the payment of the principal of or the interest on the bonds or in the performance of any agreement contained in the proceedings or financing document, the payment and performance may be enforced by mandamus or by the appointment of a receiver in equity with power to charge and collect rents, purchase price payments, and loan repayments, and to apply the revenues from the industrial development facility in accordance with the proceedings or provisions of the financing document. Any financing document entered into under this chapter to secure revenue bonds issued under this chapter may also provide that if there is a default in the payment thereof or a violation of any agreement contained in the financing document, the industrial development facility may be foreclosed and sold under proceedings in equity or in any other manner now or hereafter permitted by law. Any financing document may also provide that any trustee under the financing document or the holder of any revenue bonds secured thereby may become the purchaser at any foreclosure sale if it is the highest bidder.
[ 1981 c 300 § 16.]