PDFRCW 39.98.020


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Bond" means any voted general obligation bond issued by a school district, holding a certificate issued pursuant to this chapter for such a bond.
(2) "Credit enhancement program" means the school district bond guaranty established by this chapter.
(3) "General obligation bond" means any bond, note, warrant, certificate of indebtedness, or other obligation of a district that constitutes an indebtedness within the meaning of any applicable constitutional or statutory debt limitations.
(4) "Paying agent" means the paying agent selected, from time to time, for a bond issue pursuant to state law.
(5) "Refunding bond" means any general obligation bond issued by a district for the purpose of refunding its outstanding general obligation bonds.
(6) "School district" or "district" means any school district existing now or later under the laws of the state.
[ 1999 c 273 § 2.]