PDFRCW 39.98.060

Reimbursement of state-paid debt service paymentsInterest and penaltiesLegal actionsRevision of collection of taxes to meet obligations.

(1) Any district that has issued bonds for which the state has made all or part of a debt service payment shall:
(a) Reimburse all money drawn by the state treasurer on its behalf;
(b) Pay interest to the state on all money paid by the state from the date that money was drawn to the date the state is repaid at a rate to be prescribed by rule by the state finance committee; and
(c) Pay all penalties required by this chapter.
(2)(a) The state treasurer shall establish the reimbursement interest rate after considering the circumstances of any prior draws by the district on the state, market interest and penalty rates, and the cost of funds or opportunity cost of investments, if any, that were required to be borrowed or liquidated by the state to make payment on the bonds.
(b) The state treasurer may, after considering the circumstances giving rise to the failure of the district to make payment on its bonds in a timely manner, impose on the district a penalty of not more than five percent of the amount paid by the state pursuant to its guaranty for each instance in which a payment by the state is made.
(3)(a)(i) If the state treasurer determines that amounts obtained under this chapter will not reimburse the state in full within one year from the state's payment of a district's scheduled debt service payment, the state treasurer may pursue any legal action, including mandamus, against the district to compel it to meet its repayment obligations to the state.
(ii) In pursuing its rights under (a)(i) of this subsection, the state shall have the same substantive and procedural rights as would a holder of the bonds of a district. If and to the extent that the state has made payments to the holders of bonds of a district under RCW 39.98.050 and has not been reimbursed by the district, the state shall be subrogated to the rights of those bond holders.
(iii) The state treasurer may also direct the district and the appropriate county officials to restructure and revise the collection of taxes for the payment of bonds on which the state treasurer has made payments under this chapter and, to the extent permitted by law, may require that the proceeds of such taxes be applied to the district's obligations to the state if all outstanding obligations of the school district payable from such taxes are fully paid or their payment is fully provided for.
(b) The district shall pay the fees, expenses, and costs incurred by the state in recovering amounts paid under the guaranty authorized by this chapter.
[ 1999 c 273 § 6.]