PDFRCW 39.108.080

Development plan for infrastructure.

(1) Before adopting an ordinance or resolution creating one or more local infrastructure project areas, a sponsoring city must adopt a plan for development of public infrastructure within one or more proposed local infrastructure project areas sufficient to utilize, on an aggregate basis, a sponsoring city specified portion that is equal to or greater than twenty percent of the sponsoring city allocated share.
(2) The plan must be developed in consultation with the department of transportation and the county where the local infrastructure project area to be created is located, be consistent with any transfer of development rights policies or development regulations adopted by the sponsoring city under RCW 39.108.090, specify the public improvements to be financed using local infrastructure project financing under RCW 39.108.120, estimate the number of any transferable development rights that will be used within the local infrastructure project area or areas and estimate the cost of the public improvements.
(3) A plan adopted under this section may be revised from time to time by the sponsoring city, in consultation with the county where the local infrastructure project area or areas are located, to increase the sponsoring city specified portion.
[ 2011 c 318 s 401.]


Rules2011 c 318: See note following RCW 39.108.005.