PDFRCW 43.03.125

Relocation compensation for domiciliary moves.

An agency may, within existing resources, authorize lump sum relocation compensation when it determines it is necessary to successfully recruit and retain qualified candidates who will have to make a domiciliary move in order to accept the position. It is lawful for a state office, commission, department, or institution to, within existing resources, authorize lump sum relocation compensation as authorized by rule under chapter 41.06 RCW and in accordance with the provisions of chapter 43.88 RCW. If the person receiving the relocation payment terminates or causes termination with the state, for reasons other than layoff, disability separation, or other good cause as determined by an agency director, within one year of the date of the employment, the state is entitled to reimbursement of the lump sum compensation.
[ 1999 c 297 s 2.]


Findings1999 c 297: "The legislature finds that recruiting and retaining a highly qualified workforce is essential to deliver high quality public programs. One factor that impairs recruitment or transfer of public employees is the housing cost differential between the rural and urban areas of the state. This housing cost differential can cause state employees to decline promotional or transfer opportunities if the costs associated with such moves are not compensated.
Therefore, the legislature finds that it is in the interest of the citizens of the state of Washington to authorize an employing agency to offer assistance to state employees to relocate from one part of the state to another. This assistance is referred to as relocation compensation and is commonplace with private and federal government employers." [ 1999 c 297 s 1.]