PDFRCW 43.04.040

Use of state sealCommemorative and souvenir itemsHistorical, educational, and civil purposesApplicationFeeLicensing agreementsRules.

(1) The secretary of state may authorize the use of the state seal on commemorative and souvenir items, and for historical, educational, and civic purposes. Such authorization shall be in writing.
(2) Application for such authorization shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by a filing fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the secretary of state. The secretary shall set the fee at a level adequate to cover the administrative costs of processing the applications.
(3) If the secretary determines that a permitted use of the seal could financially benefit the state, the secretary may condition authorization upon a licensing agreement to secure those benefits for the state.
(4) The secretary of state shall adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW to govern the use of the seal in a manner consistent with this chapter. Any rule governing the use of the seal shall be designed to prevent inappropriate or misleading use of the seal and to assure tasteful and high quality reproduction of the seal. The rules shall also prescribe the circumstances when a licensing arrangement shall be required and the method for determining licensing fees.
[ 1988 c 120 § 4.]