PDFRCW 43.19.1920

Surplus personal propertyDonation to emergency shelters.

The department may donate state-owned, surplus, tangible personal property to shelters that are: Participants in the department of commerce's emergency shelter assistance program; and operated by nonprofit organizations or units of local government providing emergency or transitional housing for homeless persons. A donation may be made only if all of the following conditions have been met:
(1) The department has made reasonable efforts to determine if any state agency has a requirement for such personal property and no such agency has been identified. Such determination shall follow sufficient notice to all state agencies to allow adequate time for them to make their needs known;
(2) The agency owning the property has authorized the department to donate the property in accordance with this section;
(3) The nature and quantity of the property in question is directly germane to the needs of the homeless persons served by the shelter and the purpose for which the shelter exists and the shelter agrees to use the property for such needs and purposes; and
(4) The director has determined that the donation of such property is in the best interest of the state.
[ 2011 1st sp.s. c 43 § 217; 1995 c 399 § 63; 1991 c 216 § 3.]


Effective datePurpose2011 1st sp.s. c 43: See notes following RCW 43.19.003.
Findings1991 c 216: See note following RCW 43.19.1919.
Emergency shelter assistance program: Chapter 365-120 WAC.