PDFRCW 43.19.669

Energy conservationPurpose.

It is the purpose of RCW 43.19.670 through 43.19.685 to require energy audits in state-owned buildings, to require energy audits as a lease condition in all new, renewed, and renegotiated leases of buildings by the state, to undertake such modifications and installations as are necessary to maximize the efficient use of energy in these buildings, including but not limited to energy management systems, and to establish a policy for the purchase of state vehicles, equipment, and materials which results in efficient energy use by the state.
For a building that is leased by the state, energy audits and implementation of cost-effective energy conservation measures are required only for that portion of the building that is leased by the state when the state leases less than one hundred percent of the building. When implementing cost-effective energy conservation measures in buildings leased by the state, those measures must generate savings sufficient to finance the building modifications and installations over a loan period not greater than ten years and allow repayment during the term of the lease.
[ 2001 c 214 § 24; 1980 c 172 § 2.]


SeverabilityEffective date2001 c 214: See notes following RCW 80.50.010.
Findings2001 c 214: See note following RCW 39.35.010.